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Raven Krone: The online drag queen store without hang-ups

We are Raven Krone, the drag queen store where you will feel at home.

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Raven Krone, the online drag queen shop that enhances your look

Mirror mirror, Who is the most beautiful in the drag queen kingdom?

Any drag queen who uses and belongs to the Raven Krone kingdom.

Every drag queen is fabulous and exclusive. Since we want you to fully express yourself freely with the art of drag, Raven Krone, your drag queen store of choice, will gladly provide you with everything you need; eyelashes, lipsticks, magnetic eyeliner, eyelash glue, eyelash brushes or tweezers.

Raven Krone: Who are we?

We are a drag queen brand that focuses on all types of people but exclusively for drag queens, we want to give the importance that the drag world deserves.

They are handmade, made of premium synthetic silk, are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They are comfortable, soft, flexible and water resistant.

They are safe as they do not contain any harmful materials or formaldehyde and are hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Being a young brand we offer false eyelashes of different sizes and models, magnet false eyelashes and their accessories. As we grow we will offer a wide range of cosmetics.

Yes, at Raven Krone we offer free shipping on purchases over 40ā‚¬. In addition, our shipping time is relatively fast (barring unforeseen circumstances).

What do our customers think?

They fit all my shows. They fit very well and I can wear them for many hours.
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Greta Von Killer
They are great. I've only recently become acquainted with the brand and I've been quite surprised by the quality and the result.
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They are soft and the material is of very good quality, the eyes look spectacular!
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