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LGBTIQ+ Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

LGBTIQ+ Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

The Beauty Blender Makeup sponge, an indispensable product

This LGBTIQ Beauty Blender makeup sponge is a very important tool when applying makeup, as you can use it to blend foundation, apply blush or brush and spread different cosmetic products on any part of your face quickly and easily. It has an egg shape that is ideal for evenly applying makeup to all parts of your face. Thanks to its premium manufacturing, this is a strong and durable product. Besides having an ergonomic shape, it has the right firmness and texture, so you can apply your makeup quickly and easily.

A new and innovative collection

Tamito Fernandez, stage actor, makeup artist and professional hairdresser has collaborated with Raven Krone to create the perfect makeup sponge. This is a product that is made with the highest quality materials, thanks to this, the sponge has an excellent texture and the ideal firmness to make your makeup look flawless.

We do not harm animals

In addition to caring about quality, we care that our products are free of animal abuse. Because of this, we don't test on animals at any stage of the manufacturing process, and we also make sure that all the ingredients we use are not of animal origin or derivatives. So this sponge is a cruelty free and 100% vegan product.
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