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Raven Krone´s Makeup Sponges

Raven Krone´s Makeup Sponges

The makeup sponge, a must-have makeup tool

One of the tools that cannot be missing when applying makeup is the sponge. With it, you can spread different powders and products evenly on your face, so it is important to have a product of excellent quality to achieve the best results when applying makeup. Raven Krone has a variety of excellent quality sponges, which are manufactured with the best materials on the market. Which makes this product a resistant and reusable tool, so you can use it for a long time.

Raven Krone´s Makeup Sponges: Firm and Versatile

We all want our makeup to be flawless and flawless, and this can be achieved with a good sponge. These models have the perfect texture, as they are firm and do not absorb the product, so it will not be wasted. In addition, it helps to cover imperfections and will give an excellent finish to your makeup. These sponges come in different shapes, so you can apply makeup to any area of your face. We have a variety of styles that have different functions, whether for applying foundation, applying blusher and applying makeup to the most complicated areas of the face.

All of our makeup sponges are animal abuse free.

In addition to offering excellent quality products, we care about animals. That's why we don't test our products on animals during manufacturing and we don't use animal-derived materials or derivatives, making these sponges 100% vegan and free of animal abuse.
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