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Cheek Brown Blush Paradise Venus 208

Cheek Brown Blush Paradise Venus 208

Cheek Brown Blush Paradise Venus 208, a must-have product

Since blusher is an essential tool in makeup, it is important to buy a perfect shade, which does not attract too much attention but does not go unnoticed either. The Cheek Brown Blush Paradise Venus 208 has a light brown color that is ideal for highlighting the features of your face. To give a good finish to your makeup it is important to have a good product. This blusher is made with excellent quality materials, which makes it highly pigmented and has a soft texture, which helps the product to be applied easily and evenly on your face.

Invest in a quality brown blusher

At Raven Krone, we take quality very seriously, which is why our blushes have premium manufacturing. This makes this product water-resistant and long-lasting, so it will maintain its color and intensity all day long no matter how active you are. This blusher has a round and compact presentation, ideal to carry it everywhere without taking up too much space. In addition, it includes a mirror that will be very useful when applying makeup or touching up, no matter the place or time of day.

We avoid harming animals

We are a Cruelty free company, so none of our products were tested on animals at any stage of their manufacture. In addition, we make sure that all the ingredients used in this product are 100% vegan, that is, none of the ingredients are of animal origin or derivatives.
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