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Cheek Peach Blush 201 by Tamito Fernández

Cheek Peach Blush 201 by Tamito Fernández

Blushes created by experts

To make this blusher we have the expertise of Tamito Fernandez who is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. He and Raven Krone have created a collection that has a peach blush ideal to achieve a more natural makeup, which highlights your qualities and helps you achieve the look you like the most.

Peach blusher, the perfect complement

The blusher is the best ally of makeup, since you can combine it with your lipstick and you can stylize your face, with it you can achieve a more tanned and bright appearance, lift your cheekbones and gives more life to your face. Raven Krone is committed to quality, that's why this blusher is made with the best materials. Thanks to this the powder has a silky texture and high pigmentation that makes it an extremely long-lasting and water-resistant product. This blusher has a peach color that will enhance the natural beauty of your face as it is universally flattering.

We don´t test on animals

We have a clear stance against animal abuse, therefore all our products are free of any kind of animal abuse. In addition, all our suppliers provide us with materials that are not of animal origin or derivatives, that is, it is a 100% vegan and cruelty free product.
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