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Duochrome Eyeshadows Pigments

Duochrome Eyeshadows Pigments

Duochrome Eyeshadows, Multicolor Effect

These duochrome eyeshadows pressed pigments come in different colors to suit different needs and tastes. They have a high pigmentation that will give your makeup a shimmering and beautiful finish, and will give a splendid touch of light to your face. Aside from having a beautiful color, these duochrome shadows have a silky texture that molds and applies easily to your skin, which gives an excellent look to your makeup. This is also a product that easily soaks into your face and is safe for the skin.

Raven Krone and its quality standards

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products, which is why these duochrome eyeshadows are made from the finest materials. Because of this they are water resistant and extremely durable, so they will maintain their intense color all day long without any problem. In addition, these products come in a convenient case which has a round shape and is compact, so you can take it anywhere. The best part is that this is a sturdy case that will protect the product, as well as keep it flawless and make it last longer.

Duochrome Eyeshadows pressed pigments made with vegan materials

One of the main reasons to buy our products is that you can be sure that this is a 100% vegan makeup, since we do not use animal materials or derivatives to manufacture it. In addition, these duochrome eyeshadows are animal cruelty-free, which means that no animals were experimented on in their production.
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