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Eyelash Brush Raven Krone

Eyelash Brush Raven Krone

At Raven Krone we are aware that the eyes have the possibility to be highlighted in a fantastic way with a few small auxiliary elements. Women or men, it doesn't matter, use various accessories to achieve a beautiful look, among other things with the help of an eyelash brush. An incredible resource is to acquire an eyelash brush, which, in the same way as magnetic eyelashes, eyelash glue or our eyelash tweezers, it is a considerable ingredient for eye care. We are talking about a particular small-sized brush that is used to comb, divide and protect the eyelashes. Want to have a lash style that stands out from the rest? Raven Krone has an eyelash brush that will give you what you've been looking for. This is a mascara applicator, its shape is ideal for different types of lashes, as, it catches shorter lashes and gives them a greater appearance of volume and length.

One of the most versatile eyelash brushes on the market.

This brush is one of the best options to make up and style the lower lashes and the upper and inner part of the eyelashes, because it has a very thin shape that makes it able to reach all the lashes of the eye and gives them the shape we want, which often we are not able to achieve with wider brushes.

A compact and easy to use product

This product is the perfect size for you to take with you everywhere, so you can touch up your lashes at any time. It is also very easy to use, as the brush head can be bent slightly as needed. This brush is ideal for separating and styling lashes before or after mascara.

Eyelash brush features

  • Made of soft medical silicone.
  • Practical to use.
  • Light safe and odorless plastic rod and anti-slip property.
  • Unique brush handle that can be bent for length adjustment.
  • To create a natural makeup with flexible brush operation.
  • Multifunctional use, for mascara, eyelashes, eyebrows and so on.
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