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LGBTIQ+ by Tamito Fernández Eyeshadow Palette

LGBTIQ+ by Tamito Fernández Eyeshadow Palette

A new collaboration to create the best eyeshadow palette.

Tamito Fernandez is a stage artist, makeup artist and professional hairstylist with years of experience in the makeup world. Raven Krone and he have created an eyeshadow palette that is perfect for you to exploit your creativity. Each of the shades represents or is the favorite color of some of Tamito Fernandez's closest friends, so you will have a wide range of colors with which you can experiment with different makeup styles. This palette has 12 colors with bold shades, with which you can wear the most dramatic and extravagant looks.

A high quality eyeshadow palette

This is an eye shadow palette with super pigmented shades with strong and vibrant finishes, inspired by the fabulous look of Drag Queens. It is extremely resistant, as it is made with the highest quality ingredients and is water resistant. In addition, it has a large mirror that will facilitate the makeup process. Due to its premium manufacturing, the LGBTIQ+ eyeshadow palette has intense colors and a soft texture that helps the makeup to have a perfect and beautiful finish.

A socially responsible eyeshadow palette

Raven Krone stands for quality and that is why all our products are 100% vegan and animal cruelty free, i.e. we refuse to test our products on animals and all our suppliers provide us with 100% vegan ingredients.
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