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Lip Gloss Matte Lipstick Raven Krone

Lip Gloss Matte Lipstick Raven Krone

Raven Krone reinvents liquid lipsticks. Raven Krone liquid lipstick matte lipgloss gives you the perfect look with seductively sculpted lips. Traditional but with an ultra-modern and very sexy touch, like few brands have ever done. A liquid lip barrel of 10 matte finish colors, for sculpted lips that are enveloped in a comfortable, long-lasting, intensely pigmented formula that will stay with you for a long time.

Beautiful, sensual lips with our Raven Krone lipsticks

We all know that no makeup is complete without lipstick. Lipstick has always been an essential element in makeup, as it outlines and gives vitality to your lips. It also gives personality to your makeup and defines the natural curves of your mouth, making it look much more attractive. At Raven Krone we have an extensive variety of lipstick shades, with which you can exploit your creativity and find your style. They are highly pigmented and have a creamy texture that will give your lips a soft and delicate appearance that will be very pleasing to the eye. Our lipsticks are made with the best ingredients, so they are long lasting and will keep their color all day long. In addition to being a product of excellent quality, these lipsticks are 100% vegan and free of animal abuse, as no animals were tested at any stage of the manufacturing process.

The perfect liquid lipstick lipgloss

Thanks to our wide range of colors, you can find the perfect lipstick for every occasion. In addition, we have different shades that will be useful to combine in any type of activity, whether day or night. That is why it is very important that you have different shades of lipstick to use them appropriately for every occasion. Remember that in makeup there are no rules, you can experiment with different colors and find your style. But if you want to better match your lipstick with your skin tone or your makeup, we invite you to follow these recommendations.

Warm Tones

If you are looking for a more discreet and natural makeup, warm tones are perfect for you. They have a soft tone which is perfect for daytime and sophisticated looks. Remember that if you have a dark or tanned skin tone, lipsticks with colors like red, orange or brown will be more flattering. You can opt for the model 3 True Pasion which has an intense red color and is striking without being too exaggerated, but if you want a lipstick a little softer you can choose the model 222 Fall in Love, which has a mauve color and brown tones that will make you look great.

Cool Shades

For a more dramatic and extravagant makeup we recommend using lipsticks with cool shades, which are perfect for evening looks. Also, these shades are ideal for those with lighter or pale skin tones. We recommend you to use lipsticks like the model 1 Brave Drag Queen, which has a dark purple color that will make your lips stand out more. Also, you can opt for model 11 Flamingo which has a matte look and a deep pink color which is ideal for creating your drag makeup.

Buy lipsticks from the comfort of your home

Shopping on the Raven Krone website has many benefits, one of them is that you can find several offers and you can buy your makeup at great prices. The best of all is that our website is very easy to use and is developed to find quickly and easily any lipstick or other product you are looking for. If you make your purchase in US and spend $40 or more, your shipment will be completely free and you will receive it quickly. On the other hand, if you make your purchase from abroad, you will have to pay a shipping fee at the time of placing your order. Another advantage of buying your makeup with us is that you can see more detailed product descriptions and reviews from other customers. In addition, we have an excellent customer service and an efficient and fast distribution. In our online store we have a wide variety of lipsticks and you can be sure that you will be served quickly and all this can be done from your home. For more information we invite you to read our shipping policies at the bottom of our website. [elementor-template id="2849"]
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