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Silver Highlighter Mirror 01

Silver Highlighter Mirror 01

A fair face in bad weather with Silver Highlighter Mirror 01

The illumination in strategic parts of the face can be the difference between a good makeup and an exceptional one. Silver-white highlighter Mirror 01 has a metallic silver color, which will help you highlight the features of your face and conceal fatigue. It is also ideal for you to experiment and find your style. This product is a dense powder that has a soft texture, is manageable and gives an even finish to your face. Plus, it comes in a square, compact package that's ideal for you to take anywhere, and includes a small mirror that will come in handy for touch-ups.

Premium Illuminators

For us, quality is not a game, so we use only the highest quality ingredients to manufacture our products. Because of this, our highlighters have an intense color and strong pigmentation that will give your face a beautiful, radiant look. Because this highlighter is made with the highest quality ingredients, it is a very long-lasting and water-resistant product. You can use it all day long and it will maintain its color and intensity without any problem.

We are a brand with a conscience

We reject animal abuse, so we do not test our products on animals at any stage of manufacture. In addition, our highlighters are 100% vegan, that is, we do not use materials of animal origin or derivatives.
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